I  got a call from a mother of my sound student lately. I taught these students with each and every time I could. I always wanted to teach them to be good skillful city sons so to serve the country. How ever that mother asked a help from me. She wanted me to talk to the principal to get the childs’ school leaving certificate. I am going to discuss some thing in details. So if some body is interested in reading some thing happy can go out. Coz this is bitter by its nature.
In  rural arias there are not more than 150 students. Even it is  a Maha vidyala or Kanishtha Vidyala. Most of the time people try to get the admission to their students for a National schools.of course I too agree with them. Every one wants their child to be sound one. But What about the future of his or her first school? Are they succeed with their life all the time? Have parents done any study on how the two type of schools working? Major difference is utilities. I am not going to describe these things further coz there are enough people who believe that each and every school must be treated equally.

My point is this. As teachers of rural school we teach students hardly than urban schools. Coz poverty has hit the place and we have thousand and one issues regarding day to day activities. But after we succeed the children gets pass from the grade five scholarship examinations. Then the passed ones leave the place for national schools and the rest are here who scored less. Then the national schools accepts even the students scored 80 up. We rural school then work with the rest students doing  After school classes, tons of extra reading, extra activities etc. After they are done with GCE OL the passed students want to leave the school for national school. Even the AL classes are here in same school and the child learnt there more than 11 years.
My question is, are the mad principals of National schools consider, are these children come from schools where AL classes are available? Or are they try to cover up their nakedness showing number of students of the particular National school? In my school AL arts subjects taught and teachers are available. But the next door National school does not consider it and  allows students to leave the Maha Vidyalaya and attend to National school. One of my fellow teacher told me ‘ewwa jathika pasal nam Api awajathaka pasal da Aruna”( if those are national(sinhala term equal to legitimate) are we “awajathka schools(Sinhala term for illegitimate).
Policy makers must be conscious about these issues. Even university students too must be acknowledged issues of this kind. Coz the rural schools are subjected to close for ever because of this kind if issues. I don’t think any National school will bare the responsibility of closing down rural schools. Finally I would like to say there must be a proper way to allow students to grant school leaving certificate. That is he or she passes OL with particular school and there are AL classes according to his or her chosen subjects he or she must do her ALs in that particular school. Principals must be given instructions Not to give school leaving certificates for this kind of Students.
But each and every one keeps shut. Rural schools will be closing for ever day by day. As a teacher I will be given another school. But, what for the innocent villagers? They don’t have any alternative than keeping children at home.


About arunasir

I am Aruna Chaminda Pushpakumara. I was born as the eldest of my family. I have one sister. we live in Galle. I was a extrovert character from my childhood. I used to be with my grandmother when I was a child. She was my first teacher. She lived in Polonnaruwa and to day I believe, the time I spent with my grandmother has made me who I am today. From the childhood I wanted to learn every thing. I didn’t want to pass the examinations. But wanted to learn how things work. I was not a tamed boy. As my grandmother most of the time had to visit my school for principals, class teacher’s messages. I did two things from the beginning. One was mathematics. The other was English. I got through my OL with a distinction for mathematics. Then every one in my family wanted me to learn to be an engineer. But I wanted to be a doctor. I got through the GCE AL. But couldn’t enter the university. Then I applied for national college of education. I got selected for Mahaweli National College of Education. This is the place where I became a different man. I followed the teacher training course and of course I rather followed IT over there. Most of the time I observed thing deeply and I had the ability to endure thing thoroughly. After three years of my training I came out from the college. Even to day I would like to thank full my teachers over there. Madam Rathnayake,Madam Manik wawegama. Especially Assistant Principal Mr.Premadasa of Nugawela Boys College was some people I will never forget. As a whole by Teacher training I got vast knowledge, and experiences which I absorbed through out that time period helped me to work and think not only a Teacher but a counselor, also as a matured person who can understand things and how the universe works. I got my teacher appointment in 2006. I came to Batuwangala Maha Vidyalaya as an English teacher. Batuwangala Maha Vidyalaya is a Beautiful location. I was living in busy environment before coming here. But after I came to Batuwangala I felt that I came to the place where I meant to be. So Finally I studied about the village and one day mathematics teacher Mr.Sarath brought me in to the computer lab. I saw more than 20 computers were there. Dustfull environment. Only three pcs were preferably could use. Mr.Sarath talked to me and he talked to principal and so I became the in charge of the lab. I cleaned the lab for more than 24 hours with senior students. Students were curios abut their new teacher who rarely speaks Sinhala. I finished the labs security levels and opened the lab for children. We published a website for our school. Within one month. Student became friendly and I always asked them to take me as a friend who knows more than them.I also have given them the freedom to think up to far far away so they can explore things in different ways. I asked them always to start thinking where I stopped. I taught them not to pass all that examinations but to live. One day accidentally Mr.Block Jayathissa who was the Southern province IT director for SEMP talked to me. So as we were given evillage project. From there we has come across lots of obstacles. But my students, and me was always silent but working. To day I have bough the innocent students to the global village. Batuwangala is 65km away from Galle city. But now I have made it one click to the whole world. I want to see a day where my students use computers as professionals do one day. (editing On 2015.04.04) Now I work in another school. The hydro power plant and computer Lab of Batuwangala Maha Vidyala is no more.. I don't know what happened. But surely there were ignorant fools behind my transfer. I got married and now I am working in Hiniduma Mallika maha Vidyalaya. Same role but different place. I don't feel that this school is different coz same people with same attitudes are here. So up to date my profile is this.
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