G/Batuwangala Maha vidyalaya is situated in Southern capital,Galle district, Hiniduma electroate,Hinidumpaththuwa,Neluwa.It is belong to Thawalama divition in Udugama Educational zone. It is in a beautiful vicinity. Sinharaja forest – a world famous ever green heritage is very close to the school. Famous “Ginganga” flows bordering school grounds. The surrounding adds Immense beauty. Hilly tea estates, misty mountains cool and soft weather, calm vicinity with the peaceful villagers are brings blessings to the school. Another breath taking place is “Duliella”- famous Waterfall falling down just away. It enchants the visitors by its gleaming beauty.It is in Sinharaja.Most of the people are prestigious Buddhists. They foster an abbot known as “aranya” a place where Buddhist monks meditate in Sinharaja.The people have extended bond with this place and they all way get the blessings. Approximately 60 kilometers from Galle city.
Batuwangala,a village where people grow tea as their main income.This gives scenic beauty to Batuwangala.The vicinity is also rich from natures gifts.There are several water falls around the school.Duli ella is a famous water fall just one kilometer away from the school.
Batuwangala Maha Vidyalaya Which is Known as BMV is now about to launch a wide range of Electronic services for the people live in Batuwangala.So,we well come all of you to BMV……………………..
  • Batuwangala,A place like no other……..

Batuwangala is a beautiful remote village situated in Galle distinct Hinidumpattuwa. It is 70 kms away from the town Galle. The village has an eminent importance in the aspect of history Legends bear witness to prove the historical importance It is said that king Walagamloa once hid for protection in the ancient village temple He was accompanied by several guards One such guard accidentally slipped down from a rock The rock from which the guard slipped down later became Batuwangala the origin formed in this way “Bata” means guard, “wan”, “ means fell down and “Gala” means rock As the temple was associated by the king it was named as Batuwangala Raja maha Vihara too Elderly villagers are fond of recalling this origin of the village.

The village is rich with scenic beauty. There are tea estates paddy fields vegetable plots with occasional rubber estates. Juggery demanded. Banana is another financial crop Vendors of outstation habitually engage in buying “puwalu” and “seeni kehel” two kinds of Banana Gnganga flows rhythmically through Batuwangala and nourishes the crop. Typically this is a hilly area. But flooding is an un evitable problem prevailing in Batuwangala and suburb.

Most of the peple here are farmers or small tea holders. The main income of  the villagers derives from plucking the Clements. Men are the bread winners. Women too lend their supportive hand specially in plucking tea are meant to be hard. so men are naturally good for these and they do those tedious tasks.
Paddy is cultivated in both seasons when the fields are ploughed, vegetables are planted in turn at the edge of the fields as a sub-crop.
Villagers of Batuwangala live with peace and foster an outstanding unity. They are bound with the ties of the religion and have become prestigious Buddhists. There is a deep relationship between the temple and “Arunya” a place where devoted monks meditate. The world heritage sinharaga forest is outspread blundering the village “sinharaja arunya” is another breathtaking place which pleases the visitor. Picturesque Duli ella enhances the scenic beauty of the of the villge Batuwangala.there are range of water falls in a cluster.

These water falls are easy to access from Batuwangala village.Also the villages are willing to be your guides. Today the tender rays of development have touched this beautiful hamlet. With that computer literacy is being transformed centering the school and the temple. The school is facilitated with a SEMP lab, a multifarious equipments, villagers are on alert with the internet. The temple has paved the path to improve computer technology through vocational training center. Since it is a “Pirivena” even the Bikkus(Buddhist monks) tend to be educated on the above field.

Batuwangala  M.V  is in the heart of the village paving the path to village children to kindle the light of wisdom. The concept of e-villge has immersed in school community as well as the dwellers. Several projects have been launched to uplift the English knowledge.

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    Is this a same school called Batuwangala west school???

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